Zircon stone

Well known for its flashes of multicolored light. Coincidentally, zircon is the original diamond simulant. When properly cut, colorless stones can make beautiful and convincing diamond substitutes and evenĀ . Zircon is also prone to cracking and chipping if banged too hard.

In Indian astrology, Jarkan stone strengthens Venus (Shukra) and is the upratna for Libra (Tula) and.

Learn all there is to know about Zircon gemstones. Its chemical name is zirconium silicate and its corresponding chemical formula is ZrSiO4. Top benefits of Blue Sapphire Neelam Stone in Astrology Featured Above: FineĀ . Zircon crystals or stones have an intense spiritual energy. The colorless variety of zircon has been the most popular kin as it is the most similar looking stone to diamond because if its brilliance and dispersion. The fiery, brilliance of zircon can rival any gemstone.

Probably one of the most maligne mis-identified and misunderstood members of the colored stone family.

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